#1 Don’t set your event on a busy day

As a live event professional, I have been a proud element of thousands of events. Corporate, private, military, campus, theater, fundraisers, virtual, the works! Here is another quick tip that comes from my personal experience!

empty event venue with one attendee

Be aware of what else is happening on the date of your event and how the venue will be impacted.

Unpredicted disruptions come in many forms. Things like weather, traffic, and parking can cause a real attendance issue. Sports events or nearby festivals can make it difficult to get to your venue. If the venue offers you a discount for a date that seems too good to be true, it is probably because they know what’s coming! 

I was once booked to entertain a 300-person event at a venue that was in the middle of a nighttime parade and was almost completely unreachable. This frustration was compounded by absolutely zero available parking and that storm of people resulted in about 40% of the expected attendance!

For another example, I entertained at a 3,000-person event at a large hotel that was simultaneously hosting a similarly-sized event for high school theater kids. While fascinating to watch, it was a clash of interests that made operations very difficult for vendors and guests alike.

Have a really good look at event calendars in the area of your venue well before committing to a date.

Reach me with questions! I’ll see you in the funny papers!