#2 How to Choose Vendors

As a live event professional, I have been a proud element of thousands of events. Corporate, private, military, campus, theater, fundraisers, virtual, the works! Here is another quick tip that comes from my personal experience!

beautiful long event table with floral arrangements

Establish and nurture relationships with any vendors that you enjoy working with. When you experience a good one of these, keep them! There is no reason to go shopping around for a new caterer if you have used one that worked well. Your loyalty will be rewarded and they will have no problem creating a new menu and experience for your next event.

This advice applies to all other vendors, too! Great DJ? Keep them. Equipment rental, and even your venues. If your guests loved a venue (and you loved working with that venue), why try to fix something that isn’t broken‽

As for entertainment, I completely understand wanting to provide fresh experiences! However, when you have a great experience with one, add that entertainer to a rotation. Bring them back in two or three years. Your guests will love the familiarity and your guts will be relieved by knowing you have a proven professional who is becoming a friend of the whole organization.

Reach me with questions! I’ll see you in the funny papers!