Invite Event Magician Professor Phelyx to entertain your guests

Even the sharpest minds in your crowd will be baffled and searching for explanations for how he reads minds, effortlessly bends solid steel, and makes impossibly accurate predictions.

Delight in seeing your guests thrilled, awed, and thoroughly entertained! Every engagement includes decades of experience!

It is just as fun to watch the audience react as it is to witness how Professor Phelyx combines magic, mentalism, comedy, and the discipline of a detective to captivate and charm any room.

This is an event that will ignite guest-to-guest conversation and an excited exchange of guesses about how his tricks are possible; long after the show!

woman holding objext above mentalist magician Professor Phelyx

They’ll wonder who is “in on it‽” And guess what? Nobody is “in on it”.

Professor Phelyx, Event magician performing at DAVA event

Having produced hundreds of events himself, Professor Phelyx is an ideal resource for event planners who need a performer who clearly and emotionally understands and respects program scheduling and who is prepared to help any event flow flawlessly; even when the unexpected happens.

This is one of the many reasons Professor Phelyx has earned encore engagements as an event magician, year after year, from many top companies and organizations. Following one potentially turbulent event, the CEO of his client organization, herself, mailed him a nicely packaged “superhero cape” with a note that simply read “Thank you for saving the day, Professor!”

Professor Phelyx is a genuinely no-fuss, plug-and-play, set-it-and-forget-it
entertainment investment.

There are zero technical or staging requirements. Professor Phelyx is right at home on a full-sized proscenium stage, 8’X8’, thrust, catwalk, floor level, and even in-the-round.

There are zero additional expenses for rentals, freighting expenses, or personnel for this act. Once you book Professor Phelyx for your event, you won’t have another concern about your entertainment investment, and there will be zero surprise expenses.

Professor Phelyx event magician Speaking to Audience

Behind the scenes, you will discover the relief and comfort of an easy booking process that includes clear communication from booking all the way through your event. You can count on the professionalism anyone would expect of one of the nation’s best entertainers.

Professor Phelyx - Mentalist Event Magician

When Professor Phelyx is finally in front of your guests, you will not only love his tricks, but you will also appreciate his genuine personality and the way he puts your crowd at ease while keeping them thoroughly captivated. This is an interactive show that embarrasses absolutely no-one! Every participant is a star in the show and never the butt of a joke.

Professor Phelyx can single-handedly fill any stage with the full force of an ensemble act!

Born and raised in Colorado, Phelyx developed an invested interest in performing magic at the age of eight. By the age of ten, he was on stage in front of an audience; and he wasn’t very good. C’mon. He was 10!
Since those early budding Showman days, Phelyx has earned seven coveted performing artist residencies including 13 years at The Clocktower Cabaret in Denver and 100 shows at the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. Even after the touring, headlining in places like Las Vegas, getting to share stages with rockstars and celebrities, acting in film and television, and enjoying a lifetime of Showbiz and Entertainment, there was always that one childhood dream that had yet to be satisfied…

Performing in the Circus!

Phelyx got rather close to that dream in 2015 when he starred in PERCEPTION at The Denver Performing Arts Complex and every presentation of the large, experimental, Immersive-Theater show closed with Professor Phelyx swinging over the audience on a trapeze (yes, really).

Years later, a big surprise came when the Circus called! Within a week, Professor Phelyx took the stage in the canvas walled and sawdust floored shows of 3 week-long stops in the 2021 national tour. An elusive, 40-year-old bucket list item had been crossed off!

Professor Phelyx - Mentalist Event Magician


  • “PHELYX is one of the GREAT magical characters of our era. His humor and charm are timeless!”

    Jeff McBride

    One of the TOP 10 magicians in the World

  • Bravo, Phelyx! I’ve never seen anything like that!

    Joe Ricketts

    Founder TD Ameritrade

  • I saw it! 60 seconds in and he had them. After that first trick (can I call it that?), they never used the backs of their chairs! So fun!

    Tonya M.


  • Hey, I really like Professor Phelyx’s Magic!

    Robin Leach

    Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams Journalist and television celebrity

  • Despite the coiffed hair, waxed mustache and sharp suits, Professor Phelyx is a sincere man. No, really: a good show for him starts by connecting directly with the audience, whether it’s corporate sales executives or boozy bar patrons.

    John Wenzel

    Journalist, The Denver Post

  • Simply outstanding. Very professional and well received by all of our guests. I look forward to working with him again in the future!

    Randy P.


  • He’s like Mr. Bean but more sus.


    Audience Member

  • We used Phelyx for an After Prom Party, to entertain our students, They loved it and haven’t stopped talking about it!

    Laine O.


  • Phelyx was extremely professional and he was able to draw out specific individuals which made this event very enjoyable. The comments I received were “we really liked his demeanor” and “he was amazing.

    Shirley K.


  • Words like “incredible” and “awesome” were used to describe his magic. I would recommend him highly.

    Jane B.


  • Phelyx arrived at our Halloween Party and put on a terrific show for our guests! He is very professional, talented, and personable. He left everyone wanting more! Thank you Phelyx for making our party FANTASTIC!

    Becky S.


  • Great value and audience interaction. Very funny as well.

    Brian H.


  • Phelyx was fantastic! He really worked the crowd and wowed everyone at the party!

    Heather K.


  • I was a little nervous never having hired “talent”, and doing it on the internet, turned out it was a super experience. Have received lots of positive comments, Phelyx was a hit at our Christmas party! SUPER!

    Tami M.


  • We had a great time and everyone present commented on his talent. We would certainly consider having him at another event.

    Sandra C.


  • Very personable. Interactive. Great at what he does.

    Shauna S.


  • We asked Phelyx to be a part of our entertainment for a Teacher Appreciation dinner. The teacher’s LOVED HIM!! They really enjoyed his entertainment. All of the teachers and administrators were very impressed with his talent and his delivery. We would highly encourage anyone to hire Phelyx for their next event.

    Deborah G.


  • Since 2016, Phelyx has been my go to for dinner events.

    Ralph N.


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