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Professor Phelyx frequently travels across the country to perform.

Absolutely! Professor Phelyx is a Corporate entertainment favorite for many reasons and being “Corporate Clean” is an important one!

Upon request, a Certificate of Insurance can be provided in tandem with the Performance Agreement.

In the industry, this is often referred to as strolling or ambient entertainment. This service is no longer offered by Professor Phelyx. However, after the presentations of his show, Phelyx often enjoys some meet-and-greet time with guests and he may include a small, conversational demonstration of something wonderfully impossible during these encounters.

Including this question in the FAQ ensures that at least one person will resist the temptation to ask. Frankly, this is the most FAQ.
However, if you are sincere and want to vanish or make someone appear on stage, this magic is possible for additional fee.
TIP: To function more cohesively with the rest of the programming the recommended alternative to the vanishing/appearing act is to include your Honoree, Chancellor, Chief, Dean, CEO, General, Celebrity or fearless leader in a slightly different kind of demonstration. With just a brief, private session, Professor Phelyx can even teach this person to read the mind of absolutely anyone in the audience and the result will cause the room to erupt!
This customization question is one you are very welcome to ask!

International booking inquiries are welcomed for consideration. Phelyx will be excited to hear from you!

Friendly? Yes.
However, this is a cerebral kind of show that requires some thinking and dialogue that will be less engaging for guests under the age of 13 or so.

There are many creative ways to customize the presentation/performance for your event. Let’s create something together!

This is the highly entertaining and convincing illusion of mind-reading that employs skills and techniques to engineer perceptions and manipulate or exploit the cognitive process that we all share as humans. To put it simply, Professor Phelyx uses the fact that we are all more alike than we are different and he loves that fact!

Post-show meet-and-greet sessions and preferred/front-row seating are two ideas, but we can discuss this and get creative.

There are variables, and for events that require travel, there are reasonable added expenses for transportation and lodging.
Outside of any expenses the appearance/performance rates range from $4,500 to $15,000

At the time of booking a Performance Agreement is issued and serves to protect all interested parties.

Not really, No.
When booking Professor Phelyx, you are booking an entity with its own brand. However, there may be some items in wardrobe that will compliment your event very nicely. The great care and thought that will be devoted to every element of having Professor Phelyx perform at your event will also be included during the process of selecting wardrobe!


There is no hypnosis in this show.

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