Professor Phelyx providing corporate entertainment using mentalist magic for an audience

Unique Corporate Entertainment


Treat your team with an unexpected presentation of charm, humor and mind-blowing feats of mind-reading and mental-metal-bending.

Have you ever wondered what kind of person becomes a magician and why? How does one bend metal with his mind? All those questions are answered when Professor Phelyx provides his one-hour stage show to entertain and inspire your guests. Results include raising the energy of the event, helping build camaraderie, make your employees feel valued and cultivate a positive company culture back in the office.


What you’ll see in Phelyx’s Stage Show

Demonstrations of the difference between magician and mentalist

Illusions designed to challenge perception and defy understanding

Bending metal with his mind right before your eyes

Unbelievable stories about what life has been like as a mentalist magician

Clever collaborations with audience members to astound guests with his mind-reading ability

Respectful humor and wittiness

Replace your traditional holiday party entertainment with a mind-reading mentalist magician. Invite Phelyx to entertain your guests. He will gather everyone around for story time and challenge their perceptions with his mind-reading magic and timeless charm.

Ready to bring in ​​the performer that will win an audience over completely and keep your guests totally enthralled‽