"Professor Phelyx is a very
talented performer. He has that
rare gift of winning his audience
over completely, not just with his
consummate talent as a mentalist
and magician, but also with his
intelligence and charm. He
completely engages his audience
on a one-to-one level.
I cannot recommend him highly
enough. He was relaxed and
generous with his performance
and there was not a minute during
the two hours when everyone was
not completely enthralled. If you do
get a chance to have him perform
for you, go for it! I suspect that
soon he will be so overbooked that
you may not get a look in."
--Claudia C.
Evergreen, CO
"He was very engaging with everyone and roamed
around the room in order to include every attendee. He
was very professional and captured the attention of
everyone with his tricks, people were amazed. I would
recommend him for any corporate event where you want
an entertainer that will include numerous tricks and
interaction with everyone. Thanks Phelyx you are the
best, I would hire you again in a minute!!!!!"
Christie Griffith
Great West Heatlhcare
"Call him what you will; magician,
illusionist, mentalist, artist...
people just don't forget meeting Phelyx."
"Professor Phelyx has a wit as sharp as the forks he bends. He immediately puts the
audience at ease then proceeds to amaze, astound and amuse. It was a great
pleasure to appear with him in the Magic Underground Variety Show at Lannie's
Clocktower Cabaret! A wonderful show and a beautiful venue, Denver's best kept
International Clown &
Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus star
"Thanks for entertaining us
Saturday night! Our only
regret is that we didn't book
you for longer! We
thoroughly enjoyed EVERY
minute!! Thanks again!!"
--Becky Sitz
Franktown, CO
"Phelyx went way beyond what I was expecting. He's so
polished, professional and personable. Everyone loved
him. If he ever needs a recommendation, please call."
Julie Griffin
Centennial, Colorado
“Phelyx is top-notch professional. He is creative and
personable; his skills as a performer and MC are
excellent. I wish everyone in this profession were as
capable. I highly recommend Phelyx.”
Gregg Tobo
“Phelyx is an original--business
savvy, cutting edge, and
Michael Sharpe
Owner, American Print Archives
“Phelyx is not just a mentalist, he is a visualist and a first
rate communicator of ideas--either through magic, art,
word or performance. I have used his art for client
branding with exceptional results. He has an outstanding
eye for visual detail and crystallizing the essence of an
idea into an image.”
Matthew Moseley
Communications Strategist and Principal at
InterMountain Corporate Affairs
“Phelyx brings talent and style to
everything he does. Professional and
personable. Highly recommended.”
Daniel Brogan
Owner 5280 Publishing, Inc.
5280 Magazine
“Phelyx is witty and funny and a total delight - one of my
favorites, and a snazzy dresser too!”
Craig Highberger
Owner, Highberger Media, Inc.
“I have had Phelyx perform for me on many accessions
in the last couple of years, each time he addresses his
audience in a very friendly and professional manner. He
has a very charismatic quality that pulls you in wanting
more and more and more. The only thing that I enjoy
more than watching Phelyx perform is the reaction of his
Devin Shallow
“Phelyx never ceases to amaze! I have seen his acts
many times over yet still I am left breathless. He keeps
things fresh, interacts wonderfully with the audience,
whatever their mood, keeps moral high within the group,
and is an integral part behind the scenes as well. I highly
recommend Phelyx (and his fork, of course) for the most
professional and entertaining mentalist act you will ever
Chele Gutek
Owner, Solar System Entertainment
"Phelyx, Congratulations
on doing and being what
the Magic World needs!"
Val Valentino
"The Masked Magician"
Hearing nothing but accolades about your work from
students and volunteers alike! Thank you so much for
agreeing to perform at our event. Plan on crossing paths
again soon.
Lisa Duro Blarr
"What a wonderful Buntport VS we had. We had our
"magic" butts handed to us by the incredible Professor
Phelyx. If you don't know him and you've never seen him,
you MUST find him and hire him and like him. He is truly
Buntport Theater
"Charm, class, and highly skilled; the total package!"
Acie VanCleave
Multimedia Audio Visual
"Not only is the Professor
devastatingly handsome and
charming, but his slight of hand
and mentalist skills are beyond
compare. He amazes, entertains,
and wows the best of them!"
Colleen Luckett
Colorado State University
"Wildly engaging and truly
Spencer Loomis
"The literal definition of magic. You watch it, watch it
again, and still have no idea what in the hell just
Stephen O'Grady
Co-Founder RedMonk
"The Professor is among the finest performers of the magical arts that I have
ever seen! His skill is eclipsed only by his character. A true gentleman master of
mystery whose performances leave an indelible mark on the memory."
Aiden Sinclair
Mentalist Magician
"Prof. Phelyx is a generous performer, with enough charm to fill any room. The
magic is amazing, of course, but audiences fall madly in love with the good
professor himself. Truly Classy."
Dan Jaspersen
Mentalist Magician
"Phelyx. Let's just say, you know how to work a crowd. Thanks so much!!
You were great!!"
Christy Miller
"You are worth every penny you
charged for my party!!!!"
Mariela Garcia Brassell
"Worth every penny & more!"
Jennifer Rey Gaudreau
World champion weightlifter
"Phelyx you are too kind! Thank you so much for coming to wow my family! And
for being so sweet and! Everyone loved you; you were the perfect addition to
Christel's engagement party!!!!"
Stephanie Zissimos
"You were freakin' amazing! I mean, really! Did you see their reactions?! Priceless! Thank you!"
Ivy Lynn Allen
Jim Belushi
Bill Murray
Joe Piscopo
Bruce Villanch
Judy Tenuta
Holly Woodlawn
James "The Amazing" Randi
Jim J. Bullock
Leon Redbone
"I live in L.A., and even
there, NOBODY rocks a
1930s tuxedo like that!"
Michael Franti
"Really, really good!"
Chauncy Billups
Athlete and Phlianthropist
Professor Phelyx is the
number-one comedic mentalist
in the mountain states.  
Hands down, THE entertainer
for cocktail mixers, corporate
entertainment, VIP and
celebrity events and parties.
"Phelyx says himself that he's a skeptic, but that's what he
practices is this art of illusion. He can plainly say, 'No, it's not
possible to read your mind,' but then he convinces us that
he's reading our minds! He creates this really off-kilter world
where we don't know what's going to happen next."
Garrett Ammon
Lucie Arnaz
"Professor Phelyx [is] one of the top 3 comedians in Colorado!" Thumbtack
"I like Professor Phelyx's magic!"
Robin Leach
Television personality
I have an everlasting memory of YOU Phelyx Hopkins!
No performer has made me squeal while simultaneously
restoring my innocence and belief in Magic! My only
sadness is that we don't live in the same city! x
Rebecca Northan
Actor, Comedian, Writer
Thanks for your
wonderful work... See
you at the Castle!
Neil Patrick Harris
Magician and Actor