Video footage
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One full act from Professor Phelyx's 2,000th appearance in a burlesque show.
2014/15 Professor Phelyx promotional video.
A silly, film created to open a Zombie-themed burlesque show (and allowing
Professor Phelyx to appear on two stages at once that night).
Professor Phelyx invented the World's First Self-Refilling Beer Can for Cask Brewing in
The Denver Post created an Emmy winning, multi-media profile
Colorado Variety Performers which features Professor Phelyx
and several of his good friends!
Click the title to watch! (He had the moustache then)
Professor Phelyx wowed a
live and television audience
alongside the brilliant band,
FaceMan and host, Sid Pink
on Colorado's
Sounds on
29th. July 19th, 2014.
Photo by Cheryl Nicolai
An earlier promotional video ca. 2008
Professor Phelyx's (2013) collaborative effort with Wonderbound and Jesse Manley was
featured on an Emmy-nominated episode of Arts District, a show on Rocky Mountain PBS.
Professor Phelyx's 2014 appearance in WonderGround, Las Vegas, NV
A trailer for PERCEPTION, a SOLD-OUT experimental theater experience starring
Professor Phelyx and Tom Hagerman! 2015
Highlights from PERCEPTION
OFF-Center at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, 2015