Phelyx is also very well known for his award-winning artwork.
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In Lifestyles Magazine, an article by Steve Bjerklie (also writes for Economist and other publications)
Published July 27th, 2008
Page 57-59

"Professor Phelyx had the same goal and came up with label designs for two of Slight of Hand's wines. "Trey
wanted to pay homage to old magic posters.  I went to a local liquor store near where I live in Denver and looked at
dozens, probably hundreds, of labels and then made notes about which wines the customers seemed drawn to,
which wines they picked up."
"I take my inspiration from, yes, the '60s San Francisco poster artists because you almost have to, they were so
influential, but more than them from Alphonse Mucha, the Art Nouveau graphic artist."  Phelyx's designs, for Slight
of Hand's Magician's Assistant rose and Levitation syrah, look like the love children of a 1901 Houdini poster and
1966 Jefferson Airplane handbill.  "Does a label sell wine? Yes, I think so," he says."
A memorial poster
for my friend, Amy.
The Droste effect is a
specific kind of
recursive picture, one
that in heraldry is
termed "mise en
abyme". An image
exhibiting the Droste
effect depicts a
smaller version of
itself in a place where
a similar picture would
realistically be
expected to appear.
This smaller version
then depicts an even
smaller version of
itself in the same
place, and so on. Only
in theory could this go
on forever; practically,
it continues only as
long as the resolution
of the picture allows,
which is relatively
short, since each
iteration exponentially
reduces the picture’s
size. It is a visual
example of a strange
loop, a self-referential
system of instancing…
The Archimage
depicts Professor
Phelyx himself, and
is an example of the
Droste Effect.
"The Enchantress"
Winner of Outstanding
Branding and Design
January, 2013
Best Label Design
Of this experience, Professor Phelyx
said, "It was a genuine pleasure to
work with Mr. Neil Patrick Harris for
the 2012 Sleight of Hand Cellars
label I designed entitled,
. Mr. Harris requested the
whispering imps as an homage to a
tradition in magician's posters that
dates well over a hundred years. I
certainly hope he likes the work and
likeness as much as he excitedly told
me he did. That's the hazard of
working with magicians. They're, er,
we're highly-trained liars and you'll
just never know for sure!"
Professor Phelyx
In 2012, actor and magician, Neil
Patrick Harris enthusiastically gave
one of Sleight of Hand Cellars wines,
"The Illusionist" some prime time
product placement in his hit television
show, "How I Met Your Mother".
The response from Sleight of hand
cellars was to commission Professor
Phelyx for the creation of a label for
their wine called The Conjurer.
In 2012, Professor Phelyx worked with Mr. De'vo Vom Schattenreich (World Record Holder for World's Fastest
Hands), to create "Dominion", a professional manipulation deck of playing cards. This unique design offers a
skilled user to make the deck appear to change colors and patterns in back design by fanning it in different ways.
The deck also features unique faces including Professor Phelyx's custom designed Ace of Spades.
Dominion was declared SOLD OUT very swiftly following its release and has won several awards and fans.
"Coolest Wine Label"
Seattle Magazine
Advanced Labels Now awarded The Enchantress with January Wine Label of the month!
2014 "Outstanding Branding and Design"