Congratulations on your decision to hire Professor
Phelyx to perform at your event.  Despite high critical
acclaim and a rich, 34 year career in magical
entertainment, it is still very much an honor to be
selected over the many talented entertainers in the world.

Booking Professor Phelyx is easy! With more than three
decades of experience, Professor Phelyx can help to
make this commonly complicated element of planning an
event a reliable and painless one. You may be preparing
to host a corporate event, a wedding reception, a
black-tie dinner, or a cocktail party. Whatever the theme
or occasion, we guarantee that the magic of Professor
Phelyx is an astounding method of being certain your
guests are entertained in a way that they will
enthusiastically describe the experience for months after!
First, let's discuss the types of appearances Professor
Phelyx offers.

What kind of magic are we talking about?
The tradition of magic is alive and well.  Television has
certainly given a strong boost to the industry, and
recently, major films like,
The Prestige and, The
have pointed a bright spotlight at magicians
again.  There are many different kinds of magicians.  
The really good ones are only considered so after a
certain level of experience and they perform signature
effects that cannot be seen anywhere else.  

Professor Phelyx can be a stage, strolling, or
center-of-attention performer, and this is mentioned to
explain that he has the ability to fully customize his
appearance at your event.  After three decades of
experience, you are hiring a talent and personality that is
flatly unmatched.
The purpose of your event is to bring people together in a morale boosting, enthusiastic, interactive celebration
of a common purpose.  Professor Phelyx has developed the skills to perform as a witty, charming, and astounding
guest-host for any event.  Imagine having one of the top psychic entertainers in the country strolling throughout
your guests providing the entertainment of unexplainable magic, right Up-Close. Phelyx also offers a stage show
that employs volunteers from the audience who truly become stars in an amazing and impossible show!  Any
event, any size, can be enhanced with this kind of pure entertainment.  If your event requires an Emcee or Master
of Ceremonies, Phelyx is absolutely the right choice. As Professor Phelyx ties each element of your staged
presentation together, he will also entertain with mental magic that will have your audience attempting to describe
the event to everyone they know!

Professor Phelyx can prepare to provide any combination of magic presentation (Stage and Close-up) and will
arrive ready-to-entertain. Compared to other, less-experienced performers, he offers a warmly personal, sincere,
and memorable experience (some experiences will last a lifetime), and your guests will be talking about the event
for months as they excitedly look forward to the next one!  Guaranteed!
How much does it cost?

There are a large number of variables in pricing a performance.  The number of guests, travel and
accommodations, time of day, and time of year are some considerations.  While it is difficult to guess how much it
will cost to have Phelyx perform at your event, before we've even met, we can work to get you a quote right away!

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the date of your event.  Blocking these dates prevents us from
booking Phelyx for other shows.  You understand.

There is a base minimum.  Phelyx spends more than two hours getting ready for every performance and has
prepared for your event for 33 years!  It is safely assumed that Phelyx's wife will soon charge her own "surcharge"
for having to put up with Phelyx's manic preparations and practice sessions.  So far, however, this has not been

How about a taste?

Phelyx performs publicly at least once per week and you are wholly encouraged to come experience a
performance, first-hand!  Let us know you're coming and we'll see if we can buy your ticket!

Let's get started!
Simply send us an email to begin the process
of booking Phelyx.  Remember, it is important
to include the date of your event so we can
check it against the current appearance and
performance calendar.

We'll get back to you very quickly and go from
there.  Do let us know everything you believe
we'll need to prepare your quote.

Does Phelyx make non-profit

Phelyx does make some not-for-profit
appearances for The Denver Mayor's Office for
Education and Children, for The Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society, and a variety of
fundraisers and good causes.  There are some
requirements your organization will need to
meet to qualify and some expenses must be
covered, but you are still welcomed to contact
us to see what we can do!
Click to see honest
reactions from a variety of
REAL audiences!
As an aside,

Professor Phelyx carries a $2,000,000.00 performer's insurance policy.