He performs for VIP and celebrity mixers, in comedy clubs, corporate parties and events, restaurants and bars, television, and even on the radio. He
has appeared in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dublin and in many other notable cities.

Professor Phelyx boasts a recent client list of many celebrities and companies including: Leon Redbone, Jane's Addiction, DeVotchKa, Starbucks
Corporation, The Denver Broncos, IKEA, Coca Cola, The Hunter S. Thompson Estate, The Denver Mayor's Office, Sleight of Hand Cellars, Westword
magazine, MetroMix, The Colorado Avalanche, and many, many more.

When he is not on tour, Professor Phelyx regularly makes public appearances, in the Downtown Denver area and you are highly encouraged to come
get a taste of this warm, funny, memorable and astounding act.

In April, 2015 Professor Phelyx starred in
PERCEPTION in collaboration with musician and co-star, Tom Hagerman and Off Center of the Denver
Center for the Performing Arts. This show sold out so quickly, the theater elected to add seats which also sold blindingly fast! This was experimental
theater and a massive project. There were 32 people on the creative team and the show required 40 people to run, including sixteen additional actors.

Professor Phelyx has appeared in
WonderGround "The biggest magic party in Las Vegas!" alongside several of the most famous magicians in the
world! By invitation, he has delivered encore performances in this amazing show!

October, 2013, Professor Phelyx collaborated with
Wonderbound (a contemporary dance/ballet company, and Jesse Manley, an amazing musician, to
co-create, A Gothic Folktale, in which he also starred. This first ever fusion of dance, magic, and live music never once failed to earn an enthusiastic
standing ovation and should see more stages in 2014.

In May, 2013, Professor Phelyx opened his new one-man show, "Professor Phelyx and the World's Most Dangerous THING!" at Gesa Powerhouse
Theater in Washington State. International circus aerialist star, Tanya Burka agreed to perform as his co-star/support act and together they earned
two standing ovations from a more-than-SOLD-OUT audience!

In 2009 and 2010, Professor Phelyx co-produced and starred in "Magic Underground," an adult
comedy magic show that ran 68 amazing shows at the famous venue, Lannie's Clocktower
Cabaret in Downtown Denver.

Since 2007, Professor Phelyx has been one of the star performers for the famous
Clocktower Cabaret downtown Denver. At this venue, Professor Phelyx has performed in more
than 2,800 shows including “Naughty Pierre's Burlesque and Comedy Extravaganza,” “Magic
Underground,” “Midnite Martini's Sexy Circus Sideshow” and for his friend, Lannie Garrett's

In 2005-2006, Professor Phelyx performed 110 nights at Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver, Colorado.  

Professor Phelyx is the Emcee for, "Tom, Dick, and Harry" a Vegas Rat Pack tribute show.

Phelyx worked as the Emcee for "Immundo" a monthly, elite Burlesque show featuring several of the top talents
in the region.

In 2012, Professor Phelyx opened for a sold out Jane's Addiction concert.

In 2012, Professor Phelyx co-designed "Dominion" playing cards for manipulation with De'voVomShattenrich for Handlordz LLC which sold out swiftly
and immediately began winning top honors and awards.

Professor Phelyx is an official support act for the legendary Leon Redbone. On April 18th, 2009 Phelyx performed a stage show to open a SOLD OUT
Leon Redbone concert at Swallow Hill. Phelyx was subsequently contracted to return "by popular
demand", to open for Redbone again, on May 6th, 2010 at Belly Up, in Aspen, CO and on May 8th, 2010 at Swallow Hill in Denver. He opened for
another SOLD OUT concert with Leon Redbone again on April 15th, 2011, and yet another on October 6th, 2012 at Swallow Hill.

In 2008, Phelyx invented and co-designed a line of products for professional, close-up magicians called, "C.P.M. Systems" (Covert
Prop Management Systems) and is producing the products in conjunction with Stryker By Design, Denver, CO. (

Phelyx is represented by a variety of talent booking agencies, including the contemporary International circus act agency, H. V. Quenzer, and by
Skyline Talent, Blue Moon Talent, Borrillo Entertainment, Alexandra Entertainment, and AXS Entertainment.

Phelyx has been photographed by a number of well-known photographers, and the famous photographer, Cheryl Jacobs, called the Anti-Geddes by
European magazines, has produced many of his favorite portraits.

Phelyx is, above all, an artist. That title extends beyond his mentalism to the graphic arts. His exploration of all
interpretations of the term has resulted in a renowned collection of skills he calls “habits.” As a fine artist, Phelyx has
exhibited in a variety of markets and his artworks are collected for not only their aesthetic value, but for their high level
craftsmanship and innovative use of mediums, including a process he developed, in 2003 for a clothing company,
producing images on natural fabrics with bleach.

Phelyx produces all of the graphics and artwork for the marketing and branding efforts in support of his magic career.

Phelyx currently produces illustration and artwork for several popular bands and organizations. Notably, he creates for
the Estate of the late Gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, producing illustration and design to support the annual
Hunter S. Thompson Symposium, held in Aspen, Colorado, by his friend, Thompson's son, Juan Thompson, and the
Aspen Institute ( Additionally, his [2005] portrait of Hunter S.
Thompson remains one of the most popular of his creations.

Phelyx has produced a variety of product packaging design, and in 2007, Sleight of Hand Cellars, of Walla Walla,
Washington hired him to design their six most recent wine labels including, "The Illusionist", "The Magician's Assistant",  
"Levitation", and "The Archimage" (depicting a portrait of himself). ( http://www.sofhcellars.
Recently featured in Lifestyles Magazine, article written by Steve Bjerklie, published July 27th, 2008
Featured in Wine Spectator magazine December 15th, 2011.
Featured in "The Art and Design of Contemporary wine Lables" by Tanya Scholes.

The HGTV ( television series, "If These Walls Could Talk" Season 1, Episode 11, "Fabulous
Ceilings" features Phelyx and his work on the famous, historic Denver, Colorado landmark and Bed & Breakfast, Castle
Marne (  Over the course of six months, Phelyx authentically re-created, by hand, the
original [ca. 1889], painted ceiling murals and friezes in the mansion's formal dining room and front and back parlor.

Phelyx's clever method of using bleach as an art medium has been widely celebrated, both in galleries and on the
Internet.  The website and organization, has hosted images of his work for several years, and in
2007, they requested a tutorial from him. Phelyx obliged with what has become their most popular tutorial, at over
1,000,000 (one million) hits (to date).

An abbreviated version of this tutorial, with full credit to Phelyx, is
published in the book, "Stencil Nation", in the "How-To" section.
"Stencil Nation" by, Russell Howze, pub. Manic D Press, 2008
(ISBN-10:1933149221 ISBN-13:978-1933149226)

The full bleaching tutorial is also published on

Other specific references to Phelyx's innovative bleaching methods can
be located all over the internet.  Phelyx's work and techniques have swiftly
earned a cult following. At last count, more than one hundred sites have linked or referenced Phelyx's bleach imaging

Phelyx's work for Sleight of Hand Cellars resulted in a highly-acclaimed collection of wine labels. This work has recently
been featured in a book entitled, The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels. The Art and Design of
Contemporary Wine Labels is an illustrated survey of the art and
design of contemporary wine labels from approximately 250 international wine producers. The book highlights the
graphic designers and artists who have contributed to the progress of wine label design in the modern era.

Recent Print Media

Confluence Denver

Colorado Public Radio

The Rocky Mountain News, of Colorado

The Denver Post, of Colorado

Seattle Magazine,3

The Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Washington

The Olympian, Washington


Phelyx currently lives in his hometown, Denver, Colorado.  In 2008, Phelyx married his high school sweetheart, Jacky.  
He is the father of daughter, Quincy, and son, Jasper.  He is step-father to Tallon, and proud grandfather to Jensen.
Phelyx is the son of renowned homicide investigator and co-founder of world-famous “NecroSearch International,” Dick
C. Hopkins (1941-1998) and mother, Linda D. Hopkins.
Phelyx in the
early 1970s
One of the most stolen images on the Internet.  
Just Google "Phelyx Bleach", and see.
HERE for resources.
"Classic Vaudevillian charm."
Westword Magazine
“The best money we've ever spent on entertainment!” “Genuis!” “Phelyx is a true artist.” “UNFORGETTABLE!”

In a career that spans more than 30 years, Professor Phelyx has refined an act that’s made him one of the
top Comedic Mentalist Magicians in the country!
Having performed thousands of shows since 1981, his mind-blowing act feels warm, genuine, and sincere.
Professor Phelyx's delivery is both funny and charming. His audiences are guaranteed to leave his show with
magical memories they will talk about for years... guaranteed.
Professor Phelyx has been deemed a "Genuine Intuitive" by "psychics", "mediums", and by high-ranking
members of the secret society known as the Freemasons (really). This unique talent isn’t hard to spot. It
takes form in the way he accurately reads the minds of audience members. Phelyx’s brand of mentalism is
appropriate for a crowded theater of hundreds or an intimate gathering of just a few friends.
His style shows the clear imprint of the influence of vintage circus, Vaudeville and other bygone styles of live
entertainment. Those influences come through in Phelyx's stage presence and showmanship, but that
persona never feels fake or forced. Indeed, Phelyx is just being Phelyx, when he is demonstrating impossible
feats of mental metal-bending, mind-reading and card magic. Recently, he trained an assistant to fool a
polygraph examination that was administered by a licensed, expert examiner. It took him just 12 hours to train
his pupil to beat the test.
Professor Phelyx's signature effect is bending stainless steel forks, spoons, keys, and coins in open air,
completely surrounded by audience members standing less than two feet away. The effect has remained a
mystery for more than a decade, and it continues to draw hundreds of emails from fans and magicians alike.
They offer money and favors for the secret of the act, but Phelyx hasn’t budged.
The metal effect and other signature acts during Phelyx’s close-up performances are interactive and do not
require microphones or stages. He arrives ready to entertain, and does not require any expensive stagecraft
for his inimitable act.
Phelyx's appearances offer the most unforgettable impact available for your entertainment budget. He is a
charming, entertaining, mind-blowing guest host. His act fits as strolling entertainment, a featured stage show,
or even as the funny and amazing emcee for your next awards ceremony.

Professor Phelyx's magic offers sleight-of-hand and sleight-of-mind that is thoroughly entertaining to
audiences ranging in size from one to hundreds. He has been described as, "A powerful entertainer of the
highest caliber!" by one of the most successful magicians in Las Vegas, but you should hear what his
audiences say:
-        "Phelyx does so much more than magic! Amazing!" says, Acie VanCleave, of MultiMedia AV.
-        Dr. Lisa Stimmel writes, "People are still talking about our event, a year later, because of Professor